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Stone vs Gold.

Hi! Thanks so much for participating and creating this threads on the Tyldwick, it has become such an important deck for me and I have a bit of insights myself. Following your first idea of The statue of the pope made of stone vs the cherubs in gold I was thinking about how Chrsitianity started. In the Roman Empire, Christianity started out as an esoteric practice rather than an exoteric religion. And Jesus christ told Peter that He was going to be "the rock of the church" (which was more of a playword) making him the first Pope. So, christianity in the western world started as humble, hidden, secret, underneath the cities. (The stone) To later become a symbol of power and domination (The gold) so my idea is this: Could this represent that spirituality within ourselves starts as humble, secret intimate, something we need to discover and bring to light given the right direction? (or being the pope: the righteous direction) and after doing so feel empowered to show it to the world? Also that while the teachings of men are solid, useful, strong they are not as grand and precious as the light of the divine? (stone vs gold).

I would love any feedback or observations, I am 20 years old looking to gain more experience! Thank you.
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