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Oh, yes, I counted and recounted those, I don't think there's one jammed up against the tall one, because of the symmetry, angle, and likeness of materials. I'm getting a bad feeling here...the ninth lock is on the people-sized door. On the outside of it. You know how this card is often about a kept woman? Does the master of this manor keep a mistress in the cellar, padlocked behind that ornate door, which suggests a thing of beauty behind it--to be toyed with and put away again at pleasure? Exploring these haunted halls, I am afraid to open the door, lest I find the skeleton of the woman who perished like an abandoned caged bird, when the master lost interest or himself perished.

Sorry for the macabre vision, but that's what I'm sensing in the pit of my stomach. How, then, might this card be read?
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