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Originally Posted by Sulis View Post
It could also mean that you're being too stubborn, refusing to back down.
Reversals can show an excess of the cards' energy, too little of the card's energy or a blockage of that energy. There are many different ways to read a reversed card but one of the important things to look at when deciding how to read a card (in my opinion) is to look how certain interpretations will fit in with the story shown by the rest of the reading (so in other words, the surrounding cards and the context).
I will have to agree with this interpretation. I performed a non-romantic rrlationship spread and 7 of wands rx has appeared in the how does the person feel about you position.

I have defended myself doggedly against that person and have yet to back down although I can walk away at any time.

I was shocked when I saw the card in that position and had to perform a search.

Thanks fir this, Sulis.
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