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A circle within a square

I see here boundries and there I am, so small and far away, in the center. There are many layers to this card and the outside layers to the frame if you will are bright and cheerful. These layers fall outside of the coiled snake. Inside of the coiled snake it is dark and muddied. There is a unhappy looking face in there with a square on it's nose. In that square of gold, I see myself meditating.

I would take this card to mean keeping oneself focused and not going off in different directions. For today in particular, I take this card to advise me not to become side tracked at work. I have a very important prodject going on that needs closure. Today will be the day, if I can stay on track. Then I will be outside of the snake's coils and find some release even though things are still structured outside the snake it is more open and 'happy' looking than the dark box in the center.
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