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Hi coredil
I'm glad you like my post.

Originally Posted by coredil
Do you have a box similar to the Surnateum scan?
Unfortunately not.

I dont have the Dusserre reproduction, but as you mention it I suppose this is not the same cardback as deck 01?
No. Mine is "swirls and dots" pattern.
The "basket-weave" pattern of your "01" deck is just the same as 1880 Conver deck. (I saw it in "Schweizer Spielkarten 2".)
And the 1880 deck which Mr Ronald Decker owns seems to have the same back design. (The expression "basket-weave" was the one Mr Decker himself used.)

Do you mean with "attached" that the pictures are printed on separate paper and then glued on the pages of the book as I describe for 00a?
Yes. Pretty thin paper.

And thank you for the image of the inscription.
So, your book was really printed in 1949
Now please tell me something about "LE BATEUR" in your 1949 book.
It is 2 yellow dice (not 2 red circles) that you can see on the table. Right?
If so, that gives me a good tip about Marteau deck history...
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