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Originally Posted by coredil
Isn't it strange?
Why on earth are 1880 Conver pictures on your 1970 edition?
Yes, very starange
Maybe due to the copyright matter? (see below)

Originally Posted by coredil
Does the page 9 of your book looks like the picture on Flornoys site?
Yes. Quite similar.

Originally Posted by coredil
Now I would really like to know what is your conclusion about this chaos
Also I would be interested if it allows you to date deck 01 and deck 02.
I'm not sure about it...
At least, I think your "01" deck should be dated after WWII, and before 1963.
You know, around that time Jean-Marie Simon of LA DUCALE bought up Marteau's company and the brand name "B.P.Grimaud". So, the copyright of Marteau TdM must have been an accompaniment.

I'll post my assumption about the timeline when I have time
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