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Originally Posted by Bonny View Post
Two swords - 5 coins

These cards suggest being careful in your decision making that you include yourself in the plan and not leave yourself out in the cold. Look after your own needs and respect yourself highly then the decision about what to do will be effortless.

- what advice do my guides want to give me about how to proceed in my relationship with C?
FB: I think that is good advice, and I've asked earlier myself but could not figure it out but I am sure this reading you just gave me clarifies what I need to do, so thanks

Emperor and 4 swords - I think this is saying to back away from it for now and take some time to fully ground yourself in your own space once again first and then use logic to see what is right for you in this situation

Q: What do my guides suggest I do to make myself happy and centered again in 2016?
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