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When I trimmed my Diary of a Broken Soul, I used a golden marker to write the card names with--before trimming lol--and since I put the deck away for a bit after that, it was a true blessing upon bringing it back out again!
I can't say enough about trimming. You are right, it brings out the artwork and the energy of each card seems to explode right out at you, like an escape from Alcatraz
It's really impressive the effect you've achieved by trimming the Mary's just that getting to that first snip is the toughest -- after that, there is no choice but to continue!
Thanks for the encouragement.
I did perform my first readings with the deck last night and inspite of my misgivings due to the fact that usually I like to rely on more conventional images to guide me and bring me messages, they readings where actually quite interesting and a propos, so the coast is clear on that end.
What an intriguing journey these cards offer....I am glad she finally finished them, it was quite an Odessey for her )
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