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Well, I am done trimming the borders and sat in Central Park today to write small notes with a lovely sparkly gold pen on each card just to make sure I don't forget, in the event I might have to put the deck aside for awhile...but as I was doing that I realized I had already learned each card by heart.
The cards welcomed the gold markings and made them their own, showing the expansive, wild and generous spirit they were created with.
At first I did think this was a dark deck, and almost didn't buy it. but that was before I actually held it before me. I find it visceral at times, and it pokes at my puritanical sensibilities at times, which is such a relief! these creatures, angels, beasts et al. make no apologies for who they are, they revel in themselves and burst forth with life and brilliance..--my soul rejoices in every card...I do believe I'm in love!
There are a few lovely pitstops; the landscapes in the 4's create a small breather before picking up the frenetic race again in the 5''s and come as a refreshing surprise. The artist thought of everything--oasis, sex, male, female, fire, water, wings, birds, animals, kings, queens, babies, forest, wood, bark, leaves, sky, sea, waves, and earth, all for us to be drawn into this raw and sacred Mary El world willy-nilly....
Oh, and let me not forget....Freedom!!!!!!!
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