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Pirate decks

Dear Catlin,

(and anyone else who owns the pirate deck and feels guilty about it).

PLEASE don't feel bad about it! Only the company who stole it off my site & have since refused to pay me royalties should feel guilty. To anyone else, I don't have any hard feelings.

I like to look at the bright side, and I figure since the pirate version is such poor quality, people who own it will probably want to buy the real thing because it will be so much better.

The published version should be released in Germany, since US Games distribute worldwide. I encourage people to buy it through the links from Aeclectic - eg, through Amazon or Tarot Garden.

Tarot Garden are especially recommended, as they emailed me about the piracy and even asked me what I preferred them to do with the decks they had already bought before finding out they were pirated. A seller with such high integrity and good manners deserves supporting!
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