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Renaissance Tarot - Jones / Lyle - The Tower XVI

The dreaded Tower card.

I actually really like this depiction of The Tower, I find it very easy on the eye.

Once again we see the theme of symmetry that seems so prevalent throughout this deck.

Against a deep brown background we see a golden tower. Lightning strikes the top of it which appears to be blown almost completely off and fire emerges from what's left of the tower.
On top of the tower (the bit that's being blown off) is a small purple flag with the symbol of Mars on it.
Falling from the tower are a golden female and male form, their bodies are curved and their arms are outstretched towards the floor.
They are surrounded by tiny spheres of black, red, white and gold - maybe a meteor shower, maybe the rubble from the stricken tower.
On the side of the tower is a large cross which looks a little like one of those slits used to fire arrows from but the sign of the cross brings to mind the notion of divine intervention or a sign or revelation sent from God or the Heavens.

I find it significant that in this depiction of The Tower there is no door so I presume that the people who are now falling from it's battlements were in fact prisoners inside.
Did they construct the tower themselves? Is it a prison of their own making which now they are free from?
It's this notion that makes me see The Tower as quite a positive card.
Yes, the tower has been destroyed by something completely out of the blue and it's occupants are now plummeting towards the earth but maybe The Tower needed to come down so that they could finally be free of it's constraints.

This then is numerically linked to The Chariot (they are both sevens), yet The Tower seems to be the antithesis of The Chariot which is a card about taking control. In The Tower control is taken away and we are in the hands of the gods....
Maybe this is why it's seen as such a scary card, as being out of control is the utmost in scariness for many people.

Comments about the significance of the Mars symbol are appreciated as astrology is not a strong point of mine.
Mars is a planet of war methinks...
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