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it would be interesting to hear what psychiclord had to say about this. but i have a theory, which could only be verified or corrected by him, nevertheless, perhaps there are multiple cards with multiple meanings so you can pick which one you prefer and can therefore work with. perhaps they created cards that were very similar in meaning, but had a different LOOK, with the intention that the reader would put one away if they didn't like the artwork of that card. but since i haven't gotten my copy in the mail yet, and i haven't looked up if the cards in question are the 30 in the base deck, or are extras. y'all could help me with that.

that is the whole idea of the X, is to be able to personalize it anyway YOU want. so, marina, i would say that if you can't suss it all out, and certain cards are too similar, pick which one you would like to work with, and put the other one back in the box!!!

i hope that post got my thought across, dealing with two children upset, and trying to get thoughts across is *really* hard!!!
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