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The finger in front of the face is supposed to be a miss-seeing of the baby Horus sucking his thumb in Egyptian art.

Seeing this card though I thought of King of Vessels, the Whale surfing the seas during day, a person who had completed his lessons on emotions. The High Priestess is a lady who knows the seas of emotions and the divine grace of God and is comfortable to sail the waves even in the dark of night taking the lessons of the King of Vessels further than he is able. She is not tempting you rather she is trying to expand your mind and knowledge beyond what you have seen before. The book of secrets she holds in her arms is there to tempt you, but the real secret is that in learning to reach the book you no longer need it.

She is inviting you to follow her into darkness, into fire, into the deep. Face your fears and you will find her. Love and you will find her. Live and she will be your companion on your trip though this life.

Could she be your daimon (daemon in Pullman's world)?
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