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Forest Folklore - The Magician

This is one of those Magician cards which indicates to me manipulation, and manipulation at a sinister level, so to speak, because it is not obvious it is not really seen to be originated from whomever the Magician relates to, if noticed at all. It can be seen to be able to control the things that are levitating in front of him, without actually touching them, he is using his mind. Just imagine, if you can, if someone was manipulating you, and you didn't know it.

There is a snake around his neck:
The Snake
Snake has been a symbol of life and sexuality for thousands of years in many cultures. It is a totem of power, renewal and transmutation. Soundless in motion and invisible at rest snakes are unable to produce their own body heat. They are often seen lying in the hot mid day sun. The suns warmth coupled with the snakes behavior regulates their body temperature. Not relying on the energy of food to generate body heat, they can survive on meager diets for extended periods of time. Those with this totem need very little food to energize themselves. They are usually cold and prefer warmer climates. Their body temperatures are often lower than normal.

The snake symbolizes healing on a cellular level. Because their bodies are lightweight and flexible they have speed and agility. When they enter into your world expect swift changes to sweep through your life. These changes signify a death of the old and a birth into untapped power, creativity and wisdom. Snake is a powerful totem to have. Only those with a high degree of spiritual training, be it past or present, will be awarded this totem. It is the guardian of sacred places and the keeper of hidden knowledge.
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