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Originally Posted by Samurai2001
The Lady of Wands and Swords, in particular, remind me of the Muses, with their focus on the arts, though I think a case could be made for the Lady of Coins and Cups as Muses as well.
I agree...especially that fresh artistic perspective, like the whole world is new.

On another aspect...I don't think I would try to assign a particular muse to a card, but it could be for a reading that Terpsichore or Euterpe is influencing the meaning of a card. {I say Terpsichore because this was the muse I was reminded of by Lady of Swords.}

"Terpsichore (dance) is often seen dancing and carrying a lyre"

...but..."Erato (lyrical poetry) is often seen with a lyre and a crown of roses."
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