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Phantasmagoric Theater - 8 of Coins (William)

Graham seems to like the motif of a palette collar. If related to the throat chakra, it makes me think that William speaks through his art. His body language seems to denote that the painting is finished and that he is both confident that it reflects the best of his current abilities and yet a bit defiant, as though daring you to critisize unless you are yourself a master and can critique in a manner that is instructive. He looks aware that his work is already highly saleable yet not as good as it will become, for William is dertermined to reach his peak.

Graham's booklet says: "Mastering skills is only achieved through self-discipline and determination. William is a great abstract painter standing by his most recent canvas. Because of his talent and dedication, William has many admirers knocking at his door.
Divinitory Meaning: The Eight of Coins represents the mastering of skills and becoming a specialist.
Reverse Meaning: Wasting talent, empty ambitions."
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