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The Star (30th path, Netzach-Malkuth) is another example where the meaning Waite ascribes doesn't fit exactly with its placement on the tree.

The 30th path as Netzach-Malkuth is clearly defined in the Philosophus initiation: "There is also the 30th Path of Resh, which connects Netzach and Malkuth." And the description of the Great Symbol:
"The Symbol of the 30th path is an analogue of that which stands first in the present sequence. It is Shekinah again in the act of dispensing the powers and virtues from above. The Pillars of Mercy and Severity are represented by their Sephiroth in the form of stars. Tiphereth is immediately above and appears as a star of six points, by reference to the Christ nature. She herself bears upon her breast the star that corresponds to Yesod, and at her feet is Malkuth, whereon her urns of life are emptied. They are urns of Water and of Fire—the rain of Doctrine, the dew of Divine speech, the great Water of understanding; and the Fire of the Holy Spirit, the tongues of flame, the splendor of Supernal Wisdom."
From the description and the symbolism on the image one could easily assume it too should be on the central pillar but it's obviously not.
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