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I'm reading A History of the Occult Tarot 1870 - 1970 (Decker, Dummett) and was pleasantly surprised to find more information on Waite's Tree of Life correspondences. The authors refer to a diagram shown to them by R. A. Gilbert which they claim Waite used in preparation for use in the FRC. They provide a table which shows some of the correspondences from the diagram. It appears to be an intermediate stage where Waite is working out his system. The paths all correspond to the Hebrew letters assigned to them in the GD, but their arrangement on the Tree is different from the GD; they follow the same arrangement as my diagram which I developed from the rituals. All the tarot correspondences follow the GD exactly despite the tree designs being different. For example, in the GD, path 11 is the Fool; in Waite's diagram, the Fool is also path 11, and so on down the line.

From this it's very easy to know which of the Great Symbols go where since they're all numbered at the bottom, indicating their path. Waite's final arrangement of the Great Symbols on the paths is quite different from Decker and Dummett's table (GD arrangement).

The table is pretty small, but rather than recreate it I enlarged and enhanced it a little to make it easier to read.

Col. 1 = Path #
Col. 2 = Sephira # and Sephira name
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