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Cool "Thy will be done."

Originally Posted by wheelie View Post
The 5 of Cups hints that there is a bridge beyond this present grief, a hope not yet felt.
But that's the thing. The 5/Cups hints that there is hope...but the 5/Cups is the point at which hope is NOT accepted. What I'm saying is, you're missing the point if you see the 5/Cups as "hope." It's about dealing with loss. ALL the 5's are about dealing with loss. Or, rather, the right way to deal with loss. In the 5/Cups, the person would rather wallow in emotion, in the loss, than accept what still remains. The 5/Cups says: Don't do that!
Could the breakout of fiery energy on the 5 of Wands and the power play/giving up on the 5 of Swords maybe speak to this?
The 5/Wands is where the star football player in high school goes to college and realizes he's one of many star quarterbacks and they're all equally good. All those 5 men in the 5/Wands have realize that they're no longer "Stars." But they can't give up on the idea of proving they're special. So they fight each other which is a waste of energy. 5/Wands says: "Don't do that! Accept that there are others as good as you." (Because if they all accepted that, they might work together as a team, and win that way, right?)

5/Swords card is called "Failure" and in the RWS image, the two who've lost the "argument" are grumbling and angry and upset. That's not the best way to deal with failure. And certainly, if we're talking about this in religious terms, handling loss and failure with grace is how you "win" in many a holy test. It's not about succeeding, it's about accepting. Look at Job.

The 5's aren't about "look on the bright side!" or even "look to god, and you will be saved"...they're about learning how to say: "thy will be done." Which the Hierophant certainly says daily...and advices others to do as well.
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