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I like Frank Hall's ideas. The balance of is a more conscious, willful, and effortful balance than the balance of . In , the natural balance of give and take, the dynamic equilibrium of energy flow, comes naturally, whereas in , energy must constantly and effortfully be monitored and adjusted to keep it flowing.

I see both cards as addressing the realization that in order to have energy to draw from, we must give as much as we take. If we try to hold on to and store up power without constantly discharging it, energy becomes blocked, and we weaken. Looking at nature, I think one of life's most important laws and lessons is that of balance. So many of us want to only focus on the light and ignore the dark, to seek everlasting peace without understanding how violence, chaos, upheaval, and death make life in our world possible. And the reason we are living out of balance with our world today is because we keep taking more than we give, refusing to accept that life and survival demand sacrifice and loss. As a species, we are not in a state of dynamic equilibrium with our planet. As such, we are unhealthy and unstable, and are headed towards disaster.

I believe one of the most important teachings of these cards is that they remind us about FLOW and BALANCE on a personal level. We must unblock our energy and let it flow from us freely in order to receive energy and inspiration. reminds us of actively synthesizing, mixing, and balancing in order to have the right mix for our current situation. We may have energies and possibilities available to us that do not seem applicable until we learn how to mix and apply them. reminds us to be open to life, not to get walled behind protective armor, and finding power and inspiration through being open and generous. Both cards teach us how to achieve EQUILIBRIUM.
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