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Oh my, I am very late with just having read all of this. LOVE the thread and fanstic insights! Thanks Gazel for this and I so agree with your thoughts on this.

Oddity, your post...Wow! I have to say to this, you know threes are expansion and you just stated the how on this suit of the minors can show the expansion. The latter portion of your posting summed up my Mom and she made the daily choice to stay right there constant reliving and re-piercing the heart daily. She has since past away, but she lived close to a decade reliving certain painful and sorrowful events she endured. She dearly loved the misery of it and so continued the endurance of it for her duration of life. The effects on me rehashing her 3oS broken record so often was migranes after long conversations and heartache and the heartache that I lived with that she chose to stay within these bounds and not move on.

Memries, thank you for adding about your shoulder situation. That is a post to remember. Other than the love triangle, and heartache card usually portrayed assigned as meanings for 3oS, I have read and known of a few to get this in readings meaning heart attack or heart problems that will result as heart attack if not addressed, also the actual heart surgery. So again as said, "mind, heart and body involved". The body how we've treated it (diet/physical use), the mind thinking too heavily and the heart working the relational aspects and spiritaul as well, trying to cope with too many stress, the body absorbing these thoughts and stress' internalizing them to bursting... a heart attack.

Again with "mind, heart, body", my intellect with one on one encounters with my Mom and her repeatative talk of living her 3oS .... effected my body with massive migraines.

I love gaining new ways to see and view the cards and having that filed away deep in memory for the right reading for those bingo moments. Thanks all. I learnt from everyone's posting on this.
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