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I am late to this too, but had some thoughts from another conversation earlier, about feelings and inabilities by some to face them... using things like constant noise, music, TV, something to keep them from hearing the voices inside them, of feeling their pain and avoidance of all emotional issues.

That in a way psychology and counseling are the swords, the intellect and knowledge to reach those damaged parts and release them, so that healing can occur in mind, body and soul.

The swords could be giving a voice to emotion, to express it in a more healthy and productive way... poetry and song, speaking out heartfelt truths, those things that pierce us to the heart and get to us... movies that make us cry, the things we see on the news, the inability to absorb and prevent a child's pain, or even some sweet gift, something that touches us on a deep level... it's not about hardening the heart but allowing it to be open and expose it.

One cannot love or be loved without being vulnerable and open to pain or deny life's truths, that pain and pleasure sometimes are indistinguishable. We cry from joy and can laugh in sorrow and it all comes from the same place in our hearts and minds.
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