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Originally Posted by MizGrace View Post
Emily you made me laugh out loud I thought one minute is the door haunted? then realized it was the dogs back again. I thought a possessed door and back pain! my dr tells me to walk around as much as possible to free the back up isnt changed a lot what to do.
Cat pose will give it a whirl along with tennis balls and anything else I can lay my hands on to help thats been suggested.
I didn't get much sleep that night mainly because I couldn't move to get up - I tried pushing Shane (German Shepherd) but he was comfortable and decided to get me back my bracing his paws on me, so I pulled my pillow out from under his head and tried to stifle him with it, my other little dog thought it was some kind of game and I ended up with him half on my chest, luckily he was light.

Shane decided he'd had enough and when he got up I thought I could struggle up too but he only moved a couple of inches and then I was trapped for the night again. My hubby slept through all this. It was an interesting night.
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