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Originally Posted by Emily View Post
I keep seeing the back massager's that you put on a chair, am thinking of asking hubby to buy me one for my birthday.
I had one (I wonder where it is now??? ) and it was WONDERFUL!!! I also love the heat pads, and use them a lot too--and then occasionally an ice pack when I need it. But, I am more partial to heat.... You'll love it, its a great help for a bad back!

MizGrace, I know your thread was originally posted a year ago, and I do hope things are better for you now. But, if it helps and if it comes back to you--try epsom salt baths in warm to as hot as you can stand it, water. a BIG help--and then ice and heat after as req'd. Gentle stretching and walking is also helpful as your doctor recommend. I also have a bad back and am getting over a pinched nerve in my lower back/hip area. painful--but not as bad as it could be thankfully. I do hope you never have to go through it again though. epsom salt baths are my first go to remedy!

Your festival sounds so wonderful! I haven't been to one like that in ages! I'd love to go to one again. Maybe one day.

I thought I'd also post here about something else that I have found to deal with back pain - well any kind of joint pain - Tiger Balm White, it also comes in red but I have the white - I'm quietly impressed with this stuff. I managed to twist my knee and ibuprofen wasn't working so I trawled the web looking for alternative painkillers and came up with White Tiger Balm - I ordered it off Amazon. It seems to work instantly, it didn't just take the edge off the pain with my knee, it went. The effects lasted a good few hours and then I repeated. All you have to do it to rub it on. But make sure you wash your hands because I also managed to get some on my bottom lip, so that went numb for quite a while. I haven't used it on my back yet.
Oh, I will have to buy this too and keep on hand, thank you! Ive seen it in stores here before.

Originally Posted by EvaSegovia View Post
I had to have back surgery, but I'll spare you all the blow by blow... Suffice it to say, I still have lower back problems. Anyway, the stone I use on the area is a very large garnet. I'm pretty sensitive to the energy of stones, and I find that working with the garnet on my root chakra has a very possitive effect. I bought mine on EBay for what I considered a very reasonable price at the time.
(((Eva))) So sorry to hear this. My best friend had to have back surgery and I we had just moved to a new state-far away. I was so bummed I wasn't htere, so I use to keep her company when she was home re-cuperating, but staying on the phone with her until she either fell asleep or one of her regular "checkers" came by.

I know that calcite and flourite are also two good ones for bone and back issues. Also, just read and am going to use this more--if you can eat fresh coconut (or dissolve coconut oil into water and drink it) it is surprisingly good for bone issues of any kind! Also buy some coconut oil to massage into your joints. Which I do fairly regularly anyway, becuase it leaves the skin so healthy and soft and smooth looking.

If you CAN - do some tai chi exercises - which is really just gentle stretching of each muscle group. I know I push the coconut oil and tai chi a lot--but the two are wonder "drugs" for my bones! check out this site for tai chi stretches...

this is only one that is gentle, easy and really good for you!
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