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Emily The back massager is working well its by dreamtouch ( I dound like a sales rep!)

Tiger balm in white! I will be looking this up. I tried a red balm must be the same type. I got it form a chinese store but it did nothing. I am happy to try the other version.
Ibuprofen doesnt do much for me either. I have ketoprofen from doctors its hit or miss.

well done with finding a younger version of the rider waite, why not give it a try and see how it feels to you? you never know in time it might be something you work with. I am stunned at how pricey tarot is becoming. I am awful at festivals so, well done you for not heading to them! its almost impossible not to buy something there! well nobody can blame you for spending 5.00 here and there! why not spoil yourself once in a while!

I struggle to find the right type of tarot deck, I seem to have a psychometry issue with things I buy and start locking into images. I started visiting the spiritualist church and now everything is opening up to me. Much to families dislike, they are starting to back off from me, which is fine I barely see them except times when money is involved so, its not really a big thing! I get a pang that tells me to buy one and I start working it with and feel un grounded, as if I am in 'fairyland' and struggle then to work with the cards. I am having this issue with an oracle right now which gave me a restless nights sleep. I steer clear mostly of car boots as I have had to have weeks before payday when Tarot makes me purchase it and I end up barely eating, tarot or food, I will now chose tarot over food. I can't help it, its taking over my life! I blame the spiritualist church.


hope you are feeling better now. I dont get on with garnet, yet my mother wore one when she was working on the car! I wonder if it was a thing subconsciously that was saving her back pain without her knowing!


epsom salts I use to use them for asthma. ( dont try this! without a dr telling you!) I also used them on swollen feet put in bowl for gran. you are so right there epsom is worth having around the place.
My back varies, it is worse now on walking and the longer I stay seated, especially if I sleep well, I ge tout of bed and it sticks! I blame age!

coconut oil I use for teeth pain swish it between gums. and I put through hair and on skin. yet eating it I bypass it as never think to use it. how interesting.
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