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Hadar's "Véritable" Tarot de Marseille -- What is it true to?

What true tarot is Kris Hadar striving for in his deck? Probably not the 1760 Conver. Like the Jodo-Camoin deck, Hadar's deck departs from the 1760 Conver (at least the Bibliothèque nationale copy photoreproduced in the Heron deck) in various material respects.

Examples in the case of the Hadar deck:

(1) Card titles are renamed:

e.g., Conver's "Valet de Coupe" becomes Hadar's "Vaslet de Coupes" (Note the pluralization)

I realize that Valet and Vaslet may be spelling variants, but why depart from what the Conver titles actually are?

Conver's "Cavalier de Coupe" becomes Hadar's "Chevalier de Coupes".

Similar change for the Queens.

(2) Features are added to the cards:

e.g., in the 10 of Batons, Hadar replaces the "X" numerals on the left and right hand sides with crowns.

The Tower card also puzzles me.

In the Conver card, the foreground earth is brownish, while the background earth is blue. In the Hadar, both the foreground and the background earth are brownish.

Hadar's "sun" in the Tower card is considerably bigger than the Conver's. The Hadar yellow portion of the Sun is not even visible in the Conver; in the Conver, the card edge cuts it off.
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