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Originally Posted by anie View Post
oooops... I got some kind of energy off of that card for you... I saw and started typing immediately... its a reflection of someone that's for sure
Yeah, he's all I've been thinking about the past couple of weeks, but I think I'm finally getting back to reality after a reading from bluelagune in another thread. So that's probably what you did pick up on, even though the question wasn't about him.

Originally Posted by anie View Post
FB for me: awww... he's so sweet.. just a friend..but I have a big crush.. of course a sugary sweet card comes up for him... --- I need to drum up a lust card for him ;D
Jajaja ! Well, that card can be very sexual and sensual. It's just not as blatantly obvious as, let's say, a wands card. I think it's the perfect mix, really. There is a bit of sweetness, a bit of sensuality, a bit of lust, some love... very nice card for love readings, really !

Originally Posted by anie View Post
FOR YOU: 6 of wands:

BEST CASE: You will start what will allow you to achieve your fitness goals! This new strategy will motivate you and keep you on track! It will be a great start in the right direction.. You can see the pride and success.

WORST CASE: It starts out strong and then the energy find the results were good, but can't stay motivated and start looking for the next plan.

Best case sounds great. Worst case sounds like a great possibility. I've decided to try to start running (okay, "jogging" is more like it) again for a little bit. But I have a very bad left ankle from an injury when I was a child and even when I weigh less my ankle just blows up from too much activity. Walking, running... doesn't matter. It gets super stiff and swells and I end up limping again until it corrects itself. So with jogging/running I may end up stopping the routine sooner rather than later. Also, aerobic exercise like that makes my hair shed, so that usually stops me from continuing the exercise because I think it messes up my hormones or something. I always go back to walking eventually, because it's more gentle on my body. It's just that I wanted to do something like jogging to give me a boost. I feel like I have all this pent up energy right now and need to channel it into something physical or I'll explode. I've been sedentary and have felt utterly exhausted (crippling exhaustion, really) for so many years, and now suddenly I feel like I could kick through concrete, so I'm getting very rammy and want to use this new found energy to my benefit. Plus running was the only exercise that ever slimmed me down fast when I was younger. I get a high off of it, too. Which might exacerbate the issue. Who knows ? !

Originally Posted by anie View Post
Q: I've been experiencing a lot of back trouble last few months, what can you tell me about best and worse case for me being able to participate in my friends race coming up in about 6 weeks?
Eight of Coins

Best: You will be super careful and not end up doing anything to further injure yourself and will be able to participate. As long as you keep attention on your back and the pain and take it slow, you should be fine.

Worst: It just won't work out and you will have to think of an alternative method to participate. It seems like someone might be willing to help you figure something out, so you won't be alone with your worries. Just talk to your friend. They may have a really good solution to help make everyone happy in the matter.

I have to ask this because it's on my mind from bluelagune's reading. Not that I EVER want to have children , but if something ever did accidentally happen to me and I became pregnant in this lifetime (god forbid), what is the best / worst case scenario for such a situation for me ?
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