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Best: You would be a fantastic mother who uses everything in her power to raise a confident, smart and beautiful child. I am thinking super mom here covering all areas at once. You would not be a lazy parent at all!

Worst: You'd be one of THOSE parents who make others feel like crap because none of the other mothers could keep up with you. It's possible that you'd get this reputation then you'd feel like you'd have to do tricks to keep up the show and this could be very tiring. At the least you'd be doing your best to pull rabbits out of your hat at all times.

*note.. the fact that you are afraid to have children just shows how good of a parent you would be.
Aww, thanks, GotH. But I dunno. I don't want to spread my crazy genes around. Plus I can barely support myself. If I became accidentally pregnant I wouldn't be able to take care of a child. No possible way. It would just end badly. Besides, I don't even know how to hold a baby, really. Never grew up around babies or kids. I mean, I love kids-- don't get me wrong. And kids, for some weird reason, seem to like me I guess ? But the world is already too overpopulated as it is, and I never felt the need to have a child in order to have someone to love or to love me. Never was into that scene. And I'd adopt before having a kid, honestly. Actually, I almost took in someone's kid years ago to raise them because I felt bad about how horrible she was being abused/neglected by her parents. But that didn't materialize, and it was for the best, really. But I did put her mother in her place and, after a mini-war we had, she finally shaped up and started to take care of her kid better (and the father kept going in and out of prison, I think). But anyway, thanks for the kind words. Yes, I would be totally anal retentive as a parent, that's for sure. I'm way too neurotic and over-protective.

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Best and Worst scenario of this event with the girls this coming week?
Seven of Swords

Best: The best case would be that you gals would have an awesome time shooting the breeze and gossiping about loads of fun times and little secrets that need to be shared with all ! For some reason the move The Joy Luck Club came to mind, where the women are sitting around playing Mah-Jong and retelling stories (in their minds) of their struggles and their youths, and seeing how those events bonded everyone closer together.

Worst: You may find out something that may not be all fun and games, though, about one of your friends, and this may upset you. It reminds me of a bunch of people sitting around and conversing normally, but then someone brings up something very taboo and out in left field, and no one knows how to react to what this person has said. Like it will kill the vibe. So the worst case scenario is that there could be moments of discomfort and awkwardness, but nothing all of you won't be able to get past and move away from.

Best case / worst case scenario of my financial situation over the next 6 months, please ?
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