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Originally Posted by Halloween View Post
Hey, after party prettiness is a good deal ! I hope your back gets better with the PT though ! They can do magic at times.

I don't belong to a gym, but I do have a stationary bike and an elliptical. But they still pale in comparison when it comes to running. I used to wrap my ankle to stabilize it when I was younger, but all it did was make my ankle and foot throb more. I even bought inserts from a (I guess) podiatrist at one point. I also get plantar fasciitis when the ankle is out of whack. It's just a messy situation. So I'll probably run for a week or so, and then stop and maybe go on the elliptical and bike and take it from there. I also have a regular bicycle and could just take a bike ride instead. Hrmm... maybe I'll do that. I do love riding my bike and haven't done that in a while. Just have to recondition my butt for the seat, that's all.

Edit: You know what ? You've just convinced me to do the bike ! Preppin' the bike now for a ride tomorrow morning. Thanks for the spinning suggestion-- you've inspired me to be kinder to my body. My ankle, knees and boobs thank you.
HA ha.... lol to funny! So glad you have a bike, that is fantastic! I know there is nothing quite like a run (im like a horse in the gates right now with race season upon me), but if you can find a decent trail or route, put the tunes on and giddy up. You will have smoking hot legs by the end of summer and yes a cauloused butt And getting old , is getting old!! I'm so over it
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