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Originally Posted by Jagdamba View Post
Oh god, I hope not

Lets look at July for you.....Four of Cups

Best case: You will find that you get much more satisfaction out of this month than you are currently anticipating. In fact, this will largely be due to a clever plan that you devise. This plan will leave you feeling rather pleased with yourself. And why not? What you come up with will be very successful for you and grow rapidly and rather effortlessly.

Worst case: You will be feeling rather pleased with what you've achieved in July. Unfortunately, this is a little premature as it transpires you have very few takers when you try to promote it further afield. It could become a little disheartening when all that seems to catch the eye is a few minor flaws that you hoped would pass unnoticed.

Q: What is the best/worst case regarding the plan that C has?
Six of Swords

Best: C's plan will go off without a hitch. They will be able to achieve what they set their mind to, and may even inspire another person to join them in their adventure ! I get the feeling of trying seclude someone in order to show them something marvelous, so if that's the plan or something to do with the plan, it will be a success.

Worst: There may be too much mental activity going on for C or someone else in the equation to properly focus on the plan at first, but it will dissipate soon thereafter the initial shock of it all. Just make sure that C remains patient and calm like the water in the card, or they may end up rocking the boat and cause everyone to swim back to the shore frantically and lose all of their trust in the plan.

Best/worst case scenario if I were to sell some of my "collectables" on Etsy ?
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