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Originally Posted by Jagdamba View Post
Queen of Swords (The Chinese Tarot)

Best Case: This is a wise decision and the single strongest idea you have had regarding what to do with them. You will feel tremendously proud of what you are offering and your 'collectables' will be displayed for sale with great flair and ceremony. These are truly precious objects and selling them in this way would be successful and satisfying for you. You have a wonderful creative streak that would really be showcased through this project.

Worst Case: You will be so busy admiring what you are offering and ensuring that it is presented
beautifully that this will overtake the objective of 'selling'. You will attract some interest for your 'collectables' but those interested may be content to simply admire what you're offering from a distance rather than step forward to buy anything. In fact, any interest may cement your opinion that keeping your wares if the option that you would prefer.

Q:Best/Worst case regarding the FC plans impact on my career?

(FB: Your 6 of Swords read sounds absolutely spot on! C has even talked of the strategy of remaining calm and keeping things low key in order to be successful)
Thanks for the fb !

Eight of Coins

Best: "The FC plans" will be a giant success and work to your career's advantage. It will help you to be recognized for your great attention to detail and good work ethic.

Worst: "The FC plans" might cause you to become overly involved in your work to the point that you will have no social life and your career is all you will focus on.

Hope that made some sense. I had a hard time reading since I was too stuck on what "the FC plans" meant.

Umm... *tries to think of a legitimate Q*... okay. Best/worst case scenario of my (possible) meeting next Sunday ?
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