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Originally Posted by HappyTree View Post
The Fool

Best case: It will be a new start for you. You can start from scratch. You are able to enjoy a completely new journey, meeting new people, handling tasks unlike any before. You can gain new skills and new friends here.

Worst case: You will have to start all over again. Your prior skills may not be of much help to this new career, and you might feel it's a waste. You won't be able to predict what's up ahead.

Q: Best/worst case scenario of working in the line I have in mind? (nch)
Best : 8 of wands - NCH would take off quickly for you, lots of energy available (adrenalin rush/feel good vibe here) as a byproduct could lead to some passionate encounters (tho'brief) or fun/flirting.

Worst : Judgement - Others may not be happy with this choice they may not forgive you for getting involved with it.

QU: Best/Worst case scenario of showing my hand to X ?
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