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Originally Posted by Halloween View Post
Two of Wands

Best: It would be an awesome match for you and really bring out your skills and other talents.

Worst: You will still do all of the above, but you also may end up having to oversee some other people who are always bickering and getting on your nerves, which will cause the job to lose a bit of its initial luster.

Best/worst case scenario for spending time with M next week ?
Best: The star - spending time with M could be healing and therapeutic for you, tho' not all ills solved at one sitting but a good start. If M is a love interest may leave you *starry eyed*

Worst : 7 of coins - indecision as to how much (more ?) effort to put into relationship with M ; weighing up pros and cons, going back and forth in your mind , not sure what role you want to play in M's life (or M yours), questions questions ...

EDIT: Duh ! I see - it's the flip side of the same card. Sorry, will follow next time ...

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