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Re: sabians illustrating a progression of events

cigi, hello

I've been looking at the five-fold sequence since the mid-90's. It was then that I noticed what you are noticing--quintile aspects are deeply implicated in story narratives. I've collected many examples over the years of how stories--screenplays in particular--are built around five-pointed stars. It was only relatively recently that I discovered why.

Part of the answer lies in the sequencing of the Symbols. As I see it there are four ways to go proceed through the five symbols--two clockwise and two counter-clockwise. Using the first star as an example, you can, as you showed, proceed through them in zodiacal order: Aries 1, Gemini 13, Leo 25, Scorpio 7, and finally Capricorn 19. Graphically, this traces a pentagon around the points of the star.

One of Dane Rudhyar and Marc Jones' contributions in this area was to get us to see the symbols in 5-fold sequences, as opposed to stars. The above symbols each occupy a place in a five-fold series: Aries 1 = 1; Gemini 13 = 3; Leo 25 = 5, Scorpio 7 = 2, and Capricorn 19 = 4. Thus another way to pass through the symbols is 1-2-3-4-5, i.e. Aries 1- Scorpio7-Gemini 13-Capricorn 19-Leo 25. Graphically, this traces a pentagram or star.

Obviously, you can also reverse these two patterns. You can trace the pentagon in clockwise or reverse-zodiacal order. And you can trace the pentagram in the reverse order above.

If there's any interest on your part we can discuss this further.


Originally Posted by cigi
hi all!

this is my first post and unfortunately (or not!) i find myself already deep inside the rabbit hole. please bear with me if this info has already been covered, i still think it makes for a fascinating discussion.

i have been looking at the 5 pointed stars in natal charts & playing around with sabian oracles & generally giving myself a brain splinter. it has occurred to me that not only do the 5 point sabian stars show 5 facets of any given starting point, but if you trace them into a pentagram, they also might indicate the unfolding or progression of circumstances.

the star using my own midheaven as an example: my MC is leo 24*50

Leo 25 - A Large Camel Crossing a Vast and Forbidding Desert.
Scorpio 7 - Deep Sea Divers with special Machinery.
Capricorn 19 - A Child of About Five Carrying A Huge shopping bag Filled with Groceries.
Aires 1 - A woman has risen out of the ocean, a seal is embracing her.
Gemini 13 - A World famous Pianist Giving a Concert Performance.

so i have these listed in counter-clockwise motion as i would be inclined to read a chart normally. the cool thing is, when a pentagram is traced out staring with the first degree of interest, a seemingly linear progression takes place in the order 1,3,5,2,4. the imagery for me personally then looks like this:

Leo 29 - realizing i CAN/have to do this (business start-up).
Aires 1 - having a great idea.
Scorpio 7 - taking on a partner who happens to be an avid diver.
Gemini 13 - the achievement of fulfilling my goals.
Capricorn 19 - feeling childlike joy & embracing abundance.

BUT WAIT! i gets better!

while playing with Lynda Hill's oracle, i questioned my living situation. currently i split my time between 2 cities & wanted to know if that would continue & how. the symbol i got was:

Pisces 4 - Heavy Car Traffic On A Narrow Isthmus Linking Two Seashore Resorts.

presently i live at one "seashore resort" and my partner & i are toying with purchasing a condo at another.

and it get's more interesting! my natal IC is at 24* aquarius - most of my 4th house is comprised of pisces. i referred again to the sabian list, this time reading in a linear progression from my IC to pisces 4. at a cursory glance, the symbols may seem totally random. however, within the perspective of my question, they appear to indicate a step-by-step progression from my current position to the answer given by the oracle. they are profound references to my life personally & professionally & they describe events that are either currently happening or scheduled to happen in the near future.

i am so excited about this revelation! i cannot wait to spend more time playing with oracles & stars and sitting back watching it all unfold. AND i would love to get feedback from you all about the linear progression of sabian symbols in your own readings.

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