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I chose sapphire, as I have been wearing a pink sapphire for months now, and the deep, rich pink of it makes me think and feel self-love! It's the warm fuzzy slipper stone

When I have to socialise at a party, I wear blue sapphires, because they keep me so calm and so centered.

My other fave crystal that was not on the vote list is garnet. I love garnet in any colour or form - I just relate so strongly to it! I don't know why

Apart from that I love prehnite, peridot, any kind of topaz, rubies, citrine, and Vesuvianite. I love black or green tourmaline, and I love eudialyte...and clear crystal, Labradorite, Alexandrite, and selenite. All big faves here

ETA nearly forgot - Black chrome diopside, otherwise known as Star of India. Love, love, love
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