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Originally Posted by CosmicTarot View Post
I tried to look for the Wheel (called the Fortune in Thoth, right?). I wonder if it could be Lycka (though that might be more of a Nine of Cups card). Yet, the direct translation of Fortune is "Lycka" or "Rikedom", and both of those cards are in there. But they seem to fit better under other cards. But since the description for "Lycka" was "Release the pain and move on", it could very well be Wheel/Fortune (indicating a change).
No contest. Lyckan - thanks. There is actually a wheely thing in the image. I am back on the ball now, and will try post stuff for you to help me with later !

Can you tell me more about Lustan ? I had Sinnlighet for Lust (Thoth has that for strength...) but I suspect Lustan fits better ?

I seem to have the majors sorted now, thanks - so.... I have some MAJOR minor issues !
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