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I think the Makt card can be 4 of coins - literally means Power and she's holding one of 4 houses.

Ängslan means anxiety, worry... maybe the 5 of coins? 5 birds in the cage, though one can't be quite sure of the amount of a thing with this one

Vällevnad reminds me of the 9 of coins with the bird in her hand. What have you assigned to this card already? It means "living well", might be other cards expressing this too though.

Gagnlöshet is a possibility for Hopelessness/Futility aka 7 of swords

Tilfrädsställhet is Satiety... maybe the 10 of cups? She has 10 eyes so that could be a clue.

Rikedom is a good candidate for 10 of coins imo. Means richness, wealth.

Fullbordan is fullfilled, completion. Not sure which that one is... a skeleton, 4 birds, a horn thingy and the sign of mercury together is... 4 of staves. A candidate for sure.

Sinnlighet I got as sensuality? Maybe one of the water cards? 6 of cups?

8 of swords is interference in the thoth, and there is a card called just that! Inblanding! She has 8 arms so I think we have a winner.

The passion card is very strange to me. Kinda looks like a major? Like Strength or Chariot? I'm thinking of the 2-headed animal and that weird thing in the upper middle. I think one of the thoth majors is called passion and the word is the same in Swedish.

Will probably edit this after looking up some words btw. I'm also sorry if this ends up confusing you any further, these are some tricky cards! I try to look for numbers and stuff but it's so hard to know if they are of significance or not :p
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