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Oh PS - the Swedish Thoth titles someone kindly found for me:

Narren (The Fool)

Magikern (The Magus)

Översteprästinnan (The Priestess)

Kejsarinnan (The Empress)

Kejsaren (The Emperor)

Översteprästen (The Hierophant)

De Älskande (The Lovers)

Vagnen (The Chariot)

Rättvisan (Adjustment)

Eremiten (The Hermit)

Ödeshjulet (Fortune)

Styrka (Lust)

Den hängande (The hanged man)

Döden (Death)

Alkemisten (Art)

Djävulen (The Devil)

Tornet (The Tower)

Stjärnan (The Star)

Månen (The Moon)

Solen (The Sun)

Domedagen (The Aeon)

Världen (The Universe)

I think I have matches for them all.....
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