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Hi Lore,

Originally Posted by Lore347
My main stumbling block with the whole Heh - Tzaddi swap is the explanation of how it becomes evident when you place it on the path of the Zodiac with the 2 twists on it. I may be missing something, so if I am please enlighten me.

The 3 correspondences used to explain it this way are:
1) Latin Number Correspondence
2) Astrological Correspondence
3) Hebrew Correspondence

He ties the swap of Emperor and Star in with his switch (rectification) of Adjustment and Lust. The problems I have are these:

- All 4 cards maintain their astrological correspondences.
- The Latin numbers are swapped on Adjustment and Lust, but the Hebrew letters are left attached to the original card.
- Emperor and Star have their Hebrew letters swapped, but their Latin numbers are unchanged.

No matter how you lay out the cards (in a circle by Astrological, Hebrew, or Latin Correspondence), if you draw the line representing the zodiac through the pattern, you never end up with a double twist.

I guess I just don't get it. Any answers?
There's another thread that deals with your questions here, "The Star Card"

see particularly the last page, and my own post #140 which concludes -

"The three systems - alphabetic, astrological, and tarot - are not able to be seamlessly combined. But they can be elegantly and symmetrically related, and this is what Crowley sought and why he found the Tzaddi-Heh, Emperor-Star, Aquarius-Aries switch convincing."

For Crowley the structure of the Tree was inviolable. The Sephiroth are 1-10 and the Alphabet paths between them stay where they are. Heh still mediates between Chokhmah and Tiphereth.

What changes are the cards *on* the paths, and the Zodiacal attributions of the cards - so the Star takes Aquarius up to Heh, and the Emperor takes Aries down to Tzaddi.

The "double loop" refers to the symmetry this Thelemic change makes with the earlier Cypher Manuscript G.D. change to the astrological attributions of Leo and Libra to Strength and Justice.

The Cypher Manuscript (the foundational document of the Golden Dawn) said the Leo should go to Strength and Libra to Justice, which "causeth a transposition" between these cards, because it changes the Zodiacal order of the trumps, which was straightforward and made Justice take Leo and Strength take Libra (the Hermit taking Virgo and the Wheel of Fortune taking a planet, Jupiter). So these two cards became "transposed" in the symbolism, separated by one sign, Virgo.

So when Crowley came to the conclusion that Tzaddi should be the Emperor and Heh the Star, he noticed at some point (I think sometime in 1918) that the Zodiacal attributions of these cards, Aries-Emperor and Aquarius-Star, are also separated only by one sign, Pisces, and further that Pisces and Virgo are at exact opposite points on the Zodiac.

When you make a diagram of the circle of the Zodiac, with a circle drawn between the two transposed sets of cards, you see that there is a symmetrical "double loop" (symmetrical because Pisces and Aries are opposite, and their neighbors are too). I believe it is this symmetry, and his firm faith in the Secret Chiefs and the authority behind the GD, that made Crowley finally accept the transposition of the Emperor and the Star on the Tree of Life as the answer to the riddle posed to him in the Book of the Law.

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