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Originally Posted by Babalon Jones View Post
OK for all you fellow Luddites out there who can't afford Photoshop...

The solution to correct the "too orange yellows" was to just repaint them, in a ver slightly lighter yellow with a bit of titanium white for opacity. Original still looks the same.

Now it scans perfect and matches the original, no digital adjusts required. Only took a few minutes. Unlike figuring out some program, lol.

The key seems to be, where yellow is next to red, add a tad of titanium white to the yellow to reflect the light from the scanner. Otherwise the reflected light is red, resulting in orange.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

here is the new card:
First off, I love the new card, and I love the direction this deck is seems like you are having a lot of fun bringing in...what do I call it...modernity? Images from outside of traditional tarot that nevertheless reflect how ubiquitous the archetypes are in our modern world. And how true! I love your work in the Rosetta (I still don't have mine yet cuz I've been unemployed...) but this is just over the top. How many times do you find you have to do each card to get it "just so?"
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