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Slow as in Molasses???

Lilpeanut...your description does help me out indeed! When I look at the page of pentacles, he's fixated on the Pentacle. It almost makes it look like he's admiring it. Why do you think he needs time to "express" his feelings to the pentacle???


Originally Posted by lilpeanut
GAH I hate this card too in a romance/love reading.
But being in a particular situation has helped me learn something. It is slow coming. The relationship, or the words from the other person. The feelings are solid, he knows exactly how he feels about me but rarely does he "Express" it.
Pentacles are slow, take their time. I am such a dang WAND! But the more I know him the more it makes sense. Does this help any? Also, he is in no rush to make major moves, he is perfectly happy to take his time doing all he wants without skipping steps in the relationship.

What a pentacle. Believe it or not I have actually called him that a time or two! Good thing he doesn't know what it means ha ha.
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