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I think the pentacles could represent loyalty and the willingness to see things through from start to finish... but since it is a page, it would be the early beginning stages and shouldn't be rushed at all. Relationship 101, getting the basics down pat. Pat! Pat!

A Page Wands would definitely be into the sexual discovery more so than the Page Pents, but there the similarities end. I would see the Page Pents as having longer staying power be more durable and do-able, take it much more seriously, where the Wands would probably burn out or just be there as long as it's fun and exciting.
The Page Pents would be more into you... the Page Wands would be more into his own gratification.
I don't even want to get started on the other two pages, but we were sort of talking about the physical/sensual stuff, so brought in the Wands for comparison.
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