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Originally Posted by Thirteen
Interesting thought.

I do keep coming back to the usual 10/Pents meaning of legacies, what parents pass down to their children. I think the message is less: "money can't buy me love" and more about family inheritances, be it the old man's grand house, or the young man's meger bundle. These are not, as with the 10/Wands, burdens, but rather family legacies.

It's funny because I do not automatically think of this when I see 10 Pentacles, I tend to see this card as an culmination of the good aspects of Pentacles (those things that are tangible) but also having a spiritual significance too, sort of like they are going side by side. Especially with this Bohemian 10 Pents, it does seem to me, from my point of view to be delivering the message that you can enjoy being yourself and it is not always necessary to have lots of material things in order to do that - in other words you have learnt that it is not totally necessary to have lots of anything in order to appreciate life, it can be enjoyed in an uncomplicated way. Ten of Pentacles seems to be a card that expressess the feeling that its ok to enjoy those things that you have in life, but not necessary to do it in a materialistic sort of way - it seems to be a card that pin points the relationship between those tangible things and our being human. - You know where does the true source of happiness lie, is it in those material things, or is it in our attitude to those material things.......

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