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Well I agree with you that inheritance and legacies is what is referred to in its broadest sense, but I was only talking about what I see in the symbolism of the BG card, not intending to have a disagreement about the technicality of the card in general, just giving a point of view of the BG as as originally asked, and although technically the card is understood to refer to what you say, I have no argument with that, it also has other connotations that can be derived from it depending on what deck one is looking at.

My comments are not meant to challenge anything you say, I respect that you have a good knowledge of the cards, they are purely another point of view.

I have learnt over the years of working with tarot that one can read them by their generic meaning or by what the symbolism presents.

Now concerned that I have grasp perhaps the wrong meaning for this card, made me look it up in Karen Mahony's book that accompanies the deck, she says of this card:
This card asks us to think carefully about the real value of material wealth. It suggest it should often take second place in our lives to values like friendship, love and trust. These things are far more magical and deeply satisfying than mere money can ever be. It's a simple message, but one that it's useful to be reminded about in the very materialistic times we live in.

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