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Originally Posted by Thirteen
Alternately, there's that feeling of letting ourselves be seduced and lured into embracing dark things, believing that, somehow, it won't go wrong. Until, of course, that evil thing traps and preys on us. Like the youth who takes up cigarettes insisting that they'll stop before it affects their health, or the girl who takes up with a guy she knows is bad, but it'll be different with her.
This is a really awesome deck.
Hello Thirteen
You said it! That is what is so disturbing - that a person would start on the dark path so unaware and confident that "it will never happen to him/her" and then get caught in the web.
I know a woman that this happened to. One day she was telling me that she was worried her sister was messing with the wrong type of man who would get her sister involved in drugs. Six months later this same woman, because of the "addiction" to be with a man got messed up with the wrong type of guy and became an addict herself. I think that is why I find this card so disturbing.
In the Tarot course I took the Instructor recommended having a deck for public readings and a different deck for our own "path working".
I think the BG deck will be my path work deck because it is so powerful.
How can a simple picture evoke so much emotion? The look on the Devil's face, the look on the woman's face, the huge chasm in subtext between the two.
Alex and Karen, the creators of this deck are so inspired. I'd love to hear how long it took them to create each picture, and what their inspiration was for each card.
Have you used this deck for public readings? Do you find it gets "too personal"? Kinda crazy question because the Tarot is supposed to be very personal but I hope it makes sense.
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