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Originally Posted by swimming in tarot
Funny, I was just thinking of this guy.
Hm. This card has the feeling of motion for me, something to do with the position of the horse's head, the man's arms and shoulders, and the creases in the horse-trappings. Basically there is tension in both figures that is consistent with motion, and not a pose to try to hold.
Agreed! This man is definitely riding out, not holding still.

As for the medieval get-up in the 19th century--that's actually not so strange. Have you forgotten the Pre-Raphaelite movement? There was a big fad in the 19th century for all things medieval--in a Romantic, Renaissance faire sort of way. We see novels glorifying those times of honor and romance (Ivanhoe), a re-discovery of Camelot tales leading to paintings and poems (Tennyson's "Lady of Shallot"). And, yes, Victorian men and women would, indeed, have "Camelot" themed picnics and parties with the men dressing up like knights on horseback.

Which is not to ignore the possibility that he might be a ghost or, well, a vampire still keeping up his old ways? I agree, the eyes are a bit strange.

And I think I know why our "cup" looks so strange. I thin it's a covered chalice. Like this:

Google "Covered Chalice" and you'll see they come in weird shapes. They're also church objects...which gives me a very interesting idea..... (go on to next post!)
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