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UFFFFFF.... Dangerous Card. What is it? is it the Evil's Birth?

Due to classic symbols of Magician the card should point to the Jesus Christ second coming.
Sword = Orion sword, 3 candles = 3 Stars of Orion's Belt. Skull should be Orion (Sirius).
In classical drawing the sword should be aimed to the Skull Symbolising caducity of a body and immortality of spirit.

But Sword turned to the opposite side to the Smoking sphere. And skull faced back to this sphere.
If to take a look to the Smoke I see Goad face with two Horns and even 1 red eye - it is Devil's face. And I do not know (may be people say I am crazy ) but if you take a look above Goad Horns you will see Child's embryo.
And Vampire looks at this Child.

2 glasses on the Vampire's coat = 2 cups reversed!!! This Magician is in deal with Devil, he loves evil.
He is cruel and greedy. He needs more blood.

Time is comming (send clock is almost empty in upper glass). He is waiting long time. 3 candles = 3 of wands - Vampire is sure his efforts and skills. He is in Business contract with Devil.
He wishes to supervise over destinies of other people in order to force them and have the power over people's life. You can see the Ring on his Destiny finger of his left hand.

If more evil and sin in the world - more darkness, blood and night will be appear. So that Vampire will be more powerful.

That is all I have seen. If something wrong with my view please tell me.
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