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Originally Posted by Surja76
That is all I have seen. If something wrong with my view please tell me.
Nothing is wrong with your view...but it is rather alarmist and so apocalyptically bleak that it makes me wonder why you like this deck

I guess what I'm saying is, the power of these cards is that we see stories in them. In fact, I've never had a deck where the cards present such clear stories. We all want to discuss these stories that we see, and we should. But is that all we're using them for? To tell scary tales? And should those stories be so very "black" with not a hint of white or neutral? That's great for scary stories, but that doesn't sound real good for readings.

I'd like to use my cards to read tarot as well as tell stories. So, I'd like to know more than just the story you see. What of the Magician do you see? The REAL magician, not his evil twin?

Because there's no point in using this deck for readings if the only thing you can say when the Magician comes up is: "You're going to summon the devil to do cruel and evil things." Is that really the answer you'll give when someone asks, "There are two men I'm interested in. Which should I date?"
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