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Originally Posted by Thirteen
I'd like to use my cards to read tarot as well as tell stories. So, I'd like to know more than just the story you see. What of the Magician do you see? The REAL magician, not his evil twin?

Because there's no point in using this deck for readings if the only thing you can say when the Magician comes up is: "You're going to summon the devil to do cruel and evil things." Is that really the answer you'll give when someone asks, "There are two men I'm interested in. Which should I date?"
Do not be afraid. May be it is not modestly from my side but believe me I am very kind person
I do not know why this deck. I like Victorian Romantic Tarot. It is a pity it was forbidden as Study group here. If you reanimate it you will see my better side in its explanation Actually I act the same with any Deck, I try to get its inner world and it is not matter for me it is bad or good world.

It is really dark story coded in this Deck. In order to be interesting for buyers Deck artists try to find something new to be differ from others but they have to keep their story from the beginning to the Deck's end.
So when I started to exam this Deck I even did not suppose it would be SO Dark.

You are right we should describe not only the story but be close to the meanings they will appear in our readings.
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