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What can I say about this Magician.
He is a good businessman who does not shun good or bad things. Even if he decide to do something bad he will win. he has a power and special skills. He has cold heart and head, he is out of feelings (we see 2 reserved cups on his coat), he keeps an eye over his own interests, in order to get more money. He is good manipulator, he knows how to force other people to do what he wants (ring on the left destiny finger).
But he should be very careful because one time we can clash to the forces he will not be able to overcome. He can go along the wrong way and stay alone. He can be the hostage to its own forces from which it will be difficult to get rid of. He may pipe up.

Originally Posted by Thirteen

Because there's no point in using this deck for readings if the only thing you can say when the Magician comes up is: "You're going to summon the devil to do cruel and evil things." Is that really the answer you'll give when someone asks, "There are two men I'm interested in. Which should I date?"
Magician gives emotional attraction to someone but not physical.
I think you should choose that one you feel the most comfortable being near by, who can take care of you and you feel protected by him, the person you can trust to.
I think you should not choose the man you feel physical attraction or passion. You may not be fallen in love with person you are going to choose but you should be forehanded.
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